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A place like no other.

The training centre is located in BAJO which is about 15 minutes drive from the town of Lundu. The purpose of BTC is to conduct intensive training for SALCRA’s staff based on their business activities that emphasise toward practical rather than theory alone. The main objective of BTC is to produce competent and knowledgeable workforce.

The construction of BTC began in 2014 that featured facilities such as meeting room, huge Dayak crafted Lobby, Multipurpose Hall, 2 Bungalow Villas, 6 Chalet Semi Detach Villas, 2 Hostels with 88 rooms and 1 Apartment for staff quarters.

The presence of 6 training rooms with 60 pax, a 300 seaters lecture hall, resource centre-cum-library and computer and instrument laboratories, the facilities blend well with BTC’s mission; to enhance skills and knowledge through quality training and provide excellent hospitality.


SALCRA Bajo Training Centre,
Kampung Bajo,
94500 Lundu, Sarawak.


Phone: +6 082 733 000
Fax: +6 082 733 008